Spencer Cove, WA



Nature + Tide + Technology = Unique and Beautiful Shells 

Rocked by the Sea, Tumbled to Perfection 


Capital Oyster's master farmer Tom Bloomfield is a 5th generation oyster farmer focused on using high tech farming practices in an old school industry. 

Next-generation Shellfish Farming


We are farmers, community members, and oyster lovers. Locally owned and operated. Rooted around the capital city of Olympia Washington. A community with a 150 year history in the oyster industry. Located on Harstine Island, just north of Olympia Washington. 

Tom Bloomfield, master oyster farmer, is a 5th generation oysterman. He has spent his life work, building on the knowledge his ancestors passed down to him. Renowned in the community as a leader, Tom is at the forefront of oyster aquaculture technology. He spent his career helping others develop and build oyster operations, while farming some of his own tidelands. Now teamed with 2 of the largest Shellfish companies in Washington State, Tom has all the tools he needs to share his work with the world. 

We are heavily invested in leading edge shellfish technology and committed to chasing perfection in every oyster we grow. 



LOCATION : Spencer Cove, Washington 

GROWING METHOD : Tide Tumbled 

ATTRIBUTES : Considered one of the finest oysters in the united states, this oyster graces many Michelin restaurants nation wide. It is beautiful, pure, crisp, consistent, and available all year long. 


LOCATION : Spencer Cove, Washington


ATTRIBUTES : Grown slightly longer than the Capital under the same precise methods, this oyster is  larger and bolder in flavor.

Tom Bloomfield Discusses Farming Oysters 

 In an uncompromising mission to create the very best oyster, Tom and Capital have delivered a truly superior product. His 5th generation oyster farmer knowledge, has helped him foster every single oyster grown on their farm.  Tom was one of the founders of the tide tumbling method, something that uses Tidal Hydraulics to naturally tumble the oysters. Creating deep cups, and beautiful shells.  The farm is in a remote location, more than 10 miles from a major fresh water source. This delivers the consistency in flavor profile Capital has become well known for. 

What is a tide tumbled oyster?

Tide Tumbled oysters are a product of one of the latest innovations in oyster farming technology. This growing method uses tidal hydraulics to naturally tumble the oyster with the tide twice a day. It works by suspending an oyster bag on a line roughly 4 feet above the sea floor and attaching a flotation device to the bag. As the tide rises, the bag lifts, allowing the oysters to tumble down the bag. As the tide lowers the bag drops, again allowing the oysters to tumble.

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