Dungeness Crab

Latin Name: Metacarcinus Magister

Scientific name: Metacarcinus Magister
Size: 1.5 lbs – 3 lbs
Class: Malacostraca
Taste: Delicate flavor and slightly sweet
Texture: Silky-smooth body meat, firm leg meat
Wild or Farmed: Exclusively wild
Did you know: Dungeness Crab is native to the cold, clear waters of the western United States, Canada, and are found as far north as Alaska? A delicacy that is prized for its delicious taste, and is sought worldwide.

How to cook

Live Dungeness Crab

A West-Coast Delicacy

The Dungeness Crab is a delicacy that is sought after around the world for its unique, mild flavor and ultra-smooth texture, and are found in seafood restaurants all along the coastal regions of the Western United States and around the world.

They can be found as far south as California and all the way to the Aleutian Islands in Alaska. Named after the Dungeness Strait in Washington State, they are harvested nearly year-round in many areas along the Western Coast of the United States and Canada.

Fresh & Delicious

Wild-Caught Crab

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