Vancouver Island, B.C.

The original classic from around Vancouver Island

Straight from the beach, loved by nature under Gordy's watchful eye

Raft to Beach - An oyster's personal surf & turf

Pass down through 4 generations

Legacy. Dedication. Experience.

Home of the Couvey


Mac's Oysters ltd., is a fourth-generation family shellfish farm. The original shellfish processor in Fanny Bay, Baynes Sound, B.C., making it a significant player in Canada's oyster farming industry. The company's founder, Joseph McLellan, is a pioneer of aquaculture. A passionate oyster enthusiast, the McLellan's started farming in the sound in the 1940s.

Joseph's grandson, Gordon McLellan JR, is Mac's Oysters general manager and is very hands on in the daily farming process. Monitoring environmental conditions is critical to the farming process - tides, weather systems, water temperature - are in constant flux. Oyster density must be managed and shellstock rotated to ensure maximum growth. He closely monitors the health and hygiene of the shellstock every day.

The oysters' life is an easy one - the oyster farmers' is not. The reward is providing a delicious natural product to the consumer and maintaining our livelihood. The oyster itself gets to travel from a place of pristine beauty to be consumed worldwide.



LOCATION :  Vancouver Island, B.C.

GROWING METHOD :  Raft & Beach

ATTRIBUTES :  Clean, slightly sweet, but can vary depending on mother nature's will

Gordy Discusses Farming Oysters 

Gordy McLellan and what it means to be a generational oyster farmer in Vancouver Island

What is the Raft & Beach growing method?

These oysters are initially grown in the Raft & Tray method. The oysters are placed in trays that are stacked on top of each other and then lowered into the deep waters. The oysters are then moved and spread across the ground on various beaches around Vancouver Island. This stage is called "Beach Hardening" which allows the oyster to be exposed to the elements causing it to clamp down and harden its shell.

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