Manila Clam

Latin Name: Venerupis philippinarum

Scientific name: Venerupis philippinarum /
Ruditapes philippinarum
Size: 1.5 – 2.5in
Class: Bivalvia
Taste: Mild, sea salt to sea-salty-sweet flavor
Texture: Smooth, tender but firm.
Wild or Farmed: BOTH!
Did you know: Manila clams are available year-round, and are farmed extensively all along the west-coast of the United States and Canada, Hawaii, and across Asia?

Delicious & Sustainable!

Slightly-less salty than Eastern Quahogs, Manila Clams are smooth and slightly sweet, with a delicious, buttery seafood flavor. Sought after by hungry seafood eaters everywhere, this delicious bivalve makes up approximately 25% of the total harvested mollusks in the world and, due to the advancements in farming and harvesting methods,  is considered to be one of the most sustainable food sources on the planet.

Delicate, Smooth, & Delicious

Fresh Manila Clams

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