Henderson Inlet - Olympia, WA

Delicious and fresh Western Washington Oysters

Hand-grown in the cold clear waters of the Puget Sound

Tide-tumbled in bags for an extra-deep cup

Two generations of Perkins Farmers

Bill and Ryan are a father/son duo from Olympia, WA

Home of the Cliff Point Oyster


In business since 2016, Bill and Ryan Perkins have grown  a business right on the tidelands out back of their Puget Sound waterfront home. PFF uses a bag-on-line growing method that gently tumbles their growing oysters with each tidal flow, which results in an oyster that has a nice, full cup and generous meat to shell ratios. Bill and Ryan also own and operate a family farm where they grow all kinds of fresh produce, and hope to start growing wasabi to pair with their oysters in the next couple of years. 


Cliff Point

LOCATION :  Henderson Inlet, Olympia, WA

GROWING METHOD :  Bag, tide-tumbed

ATTRIBUTES : Starts with a salty, sweet flavor, and a crisp, briny taste to finish

Bill Perkins from Perkins Family Farms 

Bill talks about his Family Farm and what makes his oysters so sweet and delicious

What is the Tide-Tumbled growing method?

Grown in bags from seed, our oysters only leave the shore at harvest time. The unique bag-grown method tumbles the oysters with every tide, which causes them to grow deeper cups and better shells. The fantastic water quality lends to the crisp, clean taste our oyster have, and provides lots of nutrients so that the meat is sweeter and fresher tasting.

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